Witty Projects

Seamless Planning, Tracking, and Collaboration; Successful Teams

Task Management

Chunk down every big project into easy and manageable parts. Allocate each work to right people in the team. Witty Projects will make things easier and convenient for each one in your team.

  • Tasks, Projects, Events

    Organize and categorize each work. Break down complex tasks into subtasks. Arrange each according to its urgency and importance.

  • Kanban

    Kanban board is a representation of tasks as cards placed in different columns. Each column shows cards tagged to whom certain task is assigned, the status and progress of completion, and when each is on-due.

  • Comments and Files

    Note some important suggestions and comments for each task and get notified. Freely upload and attach files to projects and tasks.

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Time Management

Time is vital for each project and task and their deliverable. Set feasible deadlines, due dates and follow through. Then monitor the progress and some updates. Have it then as the basis for your next project’s time planning.

  • Start and End Dates

    Set deadlines that meet both the project’s delivery time and quality. Custom deadlines according to your team goals.

  • Work Hours Allocation

    Uniquely tag each ticket according to its nature. Have sense on resolving it according to its nature.

  • Time Tracking

    Track every task according to its time completion. Generate them time reports.

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Workforce Management

People would be the most important resource for project management. Setting the right time leads to allocating right people to make things efficient and get things done as expected.

  • Task Assignments

    Allocate tasks to your team members, then get notified when task is updated or completed.

  • Selective Sharing Permissions

    Share with specific team members. Choose who can modify or complete tasks.

  • Performance Evaluation

    Easily track your team members’ key performance indicators with how they have done on each task assigned to them.

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