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Synchronize your teams, departments, projects and processes without losing tracks along the way. Simplify everything and get more things done.

Witty HR

Witty HR is one of the core features of Witty Manager aiming to help on automating and boosting human resource management system in every organization. We have realized and understood that HR is for the people, not the paperwork.

Witty Desk

Keeping your customer conversations tracked, converting every single query and concern of clients into tickets. Prioritize, categorize, and allocate each to the right agents in your team. Gone are the chaotic days in receiving tons of tickets from different customers - from multiple platforms. Let Witty Desk helps in providing smooth and convenient system.

Witty Projects

Witty Projects helps you plan your project activities, assign each one with tasks, and manage well available and requested resources from workforce to tools. Do more than bossing around but seamlessly collaborate with your team to get things done better on time, and for a pizza time!