We saw the need so we made it.

A vision that is driven by significant moments of problems and in the past business ventures.

We have come across a number of management issues on evaluating employees’ productivity level, tracking clients’ satisfaction rate, and recognizing employees’ promptness. Throughout the process, we acknowledge various errors in our workflow. These errors became the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.

At Witty Manager, we saw the need of understanding life in order to make it easier for all. We want to solve the biggest problem in business management and that is the lack of empathy.

Managers do not know how much effort their employees put into work. Employees do not have genuine understanding on how important their productivity affects the wholeness of a company. People in the organization are not sure if they suffice their clients’ demands.

There is a need to build connection, to get out underneath your barriers and to find your way back from each other. That is why we have developed cloud-based business software solutions that provide opportunity to build trust in your company, and that will accompany you in all areas of business management processes. We want to make the culture of empathy available to as many organization as possible. We are not just here to equip you with complete service solution, but we also want to be with you in the journey.